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It's Like Pokemon Snap BUT ON DRUGS!... Beasts Of Maravilla Island!


Hello! Thank you so much for making this game. Would you please consider uploading this game on the client? Thank you once again!


But i softlocked myself by SPOILERS taking a picture of the otterdile camouflaging itself before reaching the trigger of the "hide and seek game" voice line.

Now it doesn't register when i take a picture of the behaviour and i can't leave lol.

Nevertheless, the hour i spent with this game was so fun :)

Oh no!!! We are so sorry that happened to you! So just to clarify, when you hover you camera over the camouflaging otterdile, do the little '???' icons show up? Or it it just not detecting the otter at all?

Either way, we will try to fix this ASAP so that you can resume your game!!!

It does show up actually, but when i take the picture, it saves it as a Neon Mushroom.

Honestly this is a testament to how invested i got with the game because I was trying to take pictures of everything lol

If there are more urgent issues to fix, please feel free to focus on those instead. I only lost 40 minutes of gameplay, i can always start again.

im so sorry this happened to you though!! So it will say that you got a photo of a Neon Mushroom if you photograph one of the logs around it rather than the otter itself - but is it happening to you when you are photographing the otter directly? We have never seen this bug before so I definitely want to make sure we can fix it!

here's how it is

Oh! Well, so there are actually 3 different pools where the otter can hide - you have to find him in all 3 of the pools before you can progress :) The photo you are taking is actually of one of the logs that the otter disguises himself to look like, but not the otter himself! Let me know if you are having trouble finding him in the other two pools in the area, and if clearing those allows you to continue!

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great jobs ..for final game :D thank u ... i know ,,,i have play first prototype ;P

Yay!!!! Thank you for being such a long time supporter of ours! <3 

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:D yes :D hope look this game for console ;D ...your team super cool.

Loved the game! Sadly got stuck while in camera mode and then accidentally walking into a climbable plant. The character feels a bit sluggish to control.

The level design was a bit overwhelming... all the animals and plants get thrown into your face with little breathing room or room to explore and find them, so getting a new animal/plant doesn't feel rewarding enough.

Way cute and wholesome! Kind of a mix between Animal Crossing and Pokemon Snap, really fun. Climbing is a bit weird and some controls were wonky but I managed. Cool ideas with the fruit birds! Sadly I couldn't find every animal/insect :( - Thanks for the cool game and good luck!

perfect game but there is a single bug you can climb to air infinitl

Ahh yes! Thankfully in our new build, we have squashed that bug ;) We are hoping to get an updated demo uploaded soon! 

5:10 Jack and the beanstalk

AGH yes this is a known bug - we have since fixed it, but are working on a few other tweaks before we update our demo build! Sorry you ran into it!!

I loved the graphics and concept but I had a lot of trouble getting the climbing controls right. Mostly I kept slipping off branches and having trouble getting back on and I couldn't get on or off vines I was climbing. There was also this moment early on:

oh no!! I’m so sorry that happened while you were playing! Those are both major bugs we’ve been working really hard to squash! Thank you for letting us know you experienced these - I’m sorry again you ran into them! 

No problem, at least it was amusing! I'll probably try playing through again once it's fixed since I couldn't get through the full thing easily. It's a really beautiful game and I look forward to seeing it kickstarted successfully!

Reminds a bit of Amazon Trail

Congrats on the Kickstarter!!

Really cool game! I would love to see this on consoles

I like the premise of this game a lot! It can use a lot of polish but I believe in y'all to make it happen :)


Thank you so much for the kind words + video!! :D We are working hard to polish up the game for full release, so stay tuned! :) 

Of course!
A ran into a few bugs here and there during my recording so it'd definitely be helpful to give that a look over!
For instance, the camera seems to capture the game UI if you spam capture.
And sometimes you can't seem to access a climbable wall unless you walk away far enough first and run back to it.

One minor thing that'd be nice is a camera sensitivity slider as well! I felt it was too slow personally!

hi! just want to let you know that the e-mail in the description isn't working for me. I tried to send you guys an e-mail but the message bounced back. cheers!

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Oof, good catch! Just fixed it! (thanks for pointing that out!)

Magical, were you inspired by Beyond Good and Evil by any chance? It's so eerily reminiscent, from the mechanics down to the music, I love it!

That wasn't one of our inspirations, but we'll be sure to check it out! Thank you so much for playing!

the game is so fun and relax I really like the concept good job devs! 

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words!! That means a lot to us :') 


Hey Dev, I love this game, this is a very different style of game than I play, but I was pleasantly surprised by home enjoyable it was. I included you in my video for the best indie games I played this week and have a game play video coming out later! 

Check it out:

Wow!! I am so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it - thank you so much for the kind words and for the video feature!! :D 

Little buggy, but otherwise fun!

Yay! Thanks for playing - and hopefully we'll be bug free by our full release :') 

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Really pretty game, and I love the photograph idea of the game! Just wanted to say that I encountered a bug, after I did the singing game and ran to jump on the pink flowers I couldn't jump or walk on the first one and then when I did manage to jump I started to float up through the trees and to the sky. Had to exit the game as nothing else worked.

Thank you so much for reporting that bug!! The team and I will get on that ASAP - i'm so sorry you had to exit the full game to resume your experience! 

Beautiful game with cool and unique game mechanics, which can be a bit janky at times, but this is a demo after all. There are so many amazing coluors and shapes. It is very entertaining and enjoyable. And I really like the idea that these animals all have different types of behavioral batterns. I hope to see a more polished version of the game in the future, with perhaps. Keep up the good work. :)


Thank you so much for the kind words and for the video!! We will be releasing a full game with more polish later this summer, so stay tuned :D

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I was positivly surprised about this game. I liked how calm it was. But I really liked this. If your interested in the video I made of it you can check it here.


Wow!!!! This warmed my heart so much <3 thank you so much for playing - watching your experience with it was truly delightful :') 


Glad to hear. I always try to be as open with Indie games as I can.